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OTI Multimedia is privileged to have worked for many universities and colleges in Ontario, including The University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus, The University of Western Ontario, and Fanshawe College. We have been particularly successful in our relationship with the University of Western Ontario, having worked with their Communications Department, Housing and Ancillary Services Department, and with Conference and Hospitality Services. Our relationship with Western dates back to 2001. Since then we have completed the following projects:

Living in Residence First Year Interactive CD: Follows the semester of new students from moving in to final exams, and explores various aspects of living in residence such as roommates, academic support, meal plan, etc...
Living in Residence Upper Year Interactive CD: Provides a candid look at living in residence for students’ upper years, options available, and introduces the new upper-year-only residence on campus. Video production formatted for DVD for use at residence Open Houses.

We believe we are successful at the university level for many reasons, among which includes that the owner lived in residence himself and has done undergraduate and graduate work at 3 different universities across Canada. Would you like a proposal for your next big project? Our expertise is at your disposal, simply fill in the form below.

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