Google Search Engine Positioning and Optimization

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Why build a first class site if nobody visits? Newspaper and yellow pages ads may drive a few dozen people to your site, but Google will drive thousands.

We specialize in Google search engine optimization, and will strive to have your site appear on the front page of Google for key terms specific to your organization. We are so certain in our ability that we will not charge you until you are on the front page.

We invite you to see for yourself the success our clients have enjoyed because of their search engine dominance. Try one of the following searches in the Google search box below:

"Guelph Physiotherapy" (Ranks #1 for our client Wellington Physiotherapy)
"Guelph Psychological Services" (Ranks #2 our client Norfolk Psychological Services)
"London Airport" (Ranks #1 for our client: London International Airport)
"Waterloo Public Relations" (Ranks #1 for our client: London International Airport)
"Western Virtual Tour" (Ranks #1 for our client University of Western Ontario)
"Virtual Tour Provider" "Cambridge Ontario Web Design" (Ranks #1 for our client: OTI Multimedia)

The best news of all is that all search engine positioning we do is incentive based, meaning if you are not listed on Google's front page, you owe us nothing for that month. No results, no fee!
For established sites we can have you ranked well on Google within a matter of weeks. For newer sites the process takes much longer because of Google's bias towards established sites. For newer sites we recommend a 'sponsored search' campaign. This involves planning a budget and paying Google for every viewer who clicks the ad to your site.

We can serve your business anywhere in the world, however we can deal with your company directly if you are in the areas of Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge, Ontario.