Corporate Presentations

Whether you require a straightforward PowerPoint presentation or an elaboarate interactive CD, DVD, or kiosk presentation, OTI has built a reputation through integrating all of our multimedia strengths in to powerful corporate presentations. Our presentations can incorporate commercial photography, integrated audio/video, and audience inspiring animations.

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Recent work

ImageThreat Ready Power Point Presentation
Threat Ready is a workplace threat assessment and prevention firm that has become a regular client of OTI Multimedia. Here is an example of a few slides of a PowerPoint training presentation we created for Threat Ready in 2006. PowerPoint remains one of the most cost effective forms of producing professional quality corporate presentations. Launch Project.

ImageGill Mullis Interactive CD
Interactive CD/DVDs can be used as a cost effective training or marketing tool, and can include video and other forms of multimedia that do not depend on a viewer’s ability to connect to the Internet. Check out this example of a sales presentation we created for one of the top real estate agents in Guelph, Ontario.Launch Project.